Top 2 Moves to keep Fit for Life

If there was only two types of exercises you could do to stay fit for the rest of your life then these are it. We all know that being a couch potato is going to take years off your life. It’s all about getting off your ass and making some moves.  According to Michael Joyner, an expert physician and researcher on fitness and performance, these two reign supreme.


The burpee and jump rope.

I came across an article that highlighted the importance of these moves. I thought to myself well of course the burpee and jump rope. You have the cardio benefits of both moves and the full body involvement in the exercises. A study came out that showed that skipping at the same speed as jogging expended considerable more energy, up to 24%. That translates into more calories being burned. So that shows the benefits of a good jump rope session. The burpee has its own reputation. I can remember being in elementary school and learning about the “prison workout”. It was the burpee and that’s how prisoners kept in shape with limited space. After knocking out a couple burpees you can see how tiring it can be.

Michael Joyner states “On hard days, I’ll sometimes alternate between a minute of burpees and using a weighted jump rope.” If the standard burpee or jump rope is too easy for you than try using a weighted jump rope or decreasing your resting periods and increasing speed.

If you want a pretty basic burpee workout. Try this one out:


10 burpees, 30 sec rest. Repeat 10 times. Have a watch to keep track of you time.

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