Review: OfferUp

With the emergence of new apps and different ways to sell online there is a strong surge in the use of OfferUp. When I first heard about it I was skeptical because I was so use to using Craigslist to sell anything from small items to cars. Now that I’m a car dealer I use multiple apps and websites to sell my inventory. OfferUp is one of those apps.

Better than Craigslist?

While Craigslist is currently #1 in the mind of most when it comes to selling household items and other items there is still other options out there. OfferUp doesn’t have the same amount of inventory but what it does have is a loyal following and good inventory. I’ve slowly seen the emergence of commercial sellers of appliances, cars and other services. If you are looking to sell your own cars or anything you want to flip then the best time is now.Craigslist is swamped by all the other businesses trying to get an edge and Craigslist is cashing in by monetizing their ads. OfferUp is largely free unless you want to pay for their promoting which is as little as $1.99 and they’ll bump you to the top of the searches.

I recently bought an EZ curl bar, gym mat and 45 lb plates.The selection was not that big but there were enough sellers to choose from. On Craigslist there were more sellers for these items but the prices were higher and then sprinkled throughout the selection were stores. So as of right now sellers on OfferUp are selling for lower prices and buyers are looking at a smaller marketplace to choose from. Now is the best time to jump in and sell or buy.

So if you want another option to sell your items online then I would recommend OfferUp. It’s simple to use, free and has a good amount of people using the app. Stay sharp people!


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