My Morning Routine

My morning routine actually starts the day before. In order to wake up at 4:30 a.m. I need to have everything already set up the night before. The only reason I chose to wake up at that time is because I lowkey want to be as hardcore as Jocko Willink , other scary military guys, the Rock and the crazy hard working billionaires of this world. I don’t expect to wake up and be that successful… right away, but a guy can dream.

The Night Before

I put out all the clothes I’m going to wear in the morning because I know as soon as I wake up I’ll come up with every excuse in my head not to wake up. I have a couple things set up before I knock out. Workout clothes which can consists of hoodie, beenie, shirt, shorts, compression shorts, socks and running shoes. Sometimes I add a fanny pack to the mix if i’m going for a run. Once I have that set out then I am pretty much set. Next I just set out a bottle of water. I set my alarm and then I set a second alarm for 10 minutes later (just in case).

Wake up time

You can imagine it super sucks to wake up at 4 am but the alarm goes off. I wake up and go through my morning debate about whether or not I should get up. I’m pretty persuasive about staying asleep but I force myself to sit up and get out of the bed (the hardest part). After that I go to the bathroom wash my face and start getting dressed. I focus on constantly keeping moving and not thinking about anything. Just GET DRESSED AND GET OUT. Once I’m dressed I drink a glass of water and I’m 75% awake by this time. Shoes go on and I’m out the house. The fresh air will do the rest.

Workout Time

I focus on doing a full body workout in the morning by hitting the big three compound lifts and a couple isolation lifts. I do this for just over an hour and alternate between lifting days and cardio days. After that I hit the showers and get dressed for the day. I don’t eat my first meal until 12 p.m.

I’ve been doing it for 2 years with some consistency and it does get easier. The hardest day is the first one or if you been drinking and are really messed up! Stay sharp, you got this!!!


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